A 150 Point Inspection Yet Check Engine Light Turns On While Driving It Home.

Ganas Auto Group, located in San Fernando in Los Angeles County, allegedly sold a 2013 Volkwagen Passat to a Spanish-speaking consumer. Ganas says it cars undergo a 150-point quality inspection. Despite the alleged quality inspection, the Passat’s check engine light came on while this consumer was driving the car home after buying it. The car allegedly also began to shake and make noise from the suspension and brakes during the drive home. Despite the alleged “quality inspection,” the car was in the repair shop having its brakes and rotors replaced within a week of this consumer putting down a four-figure down payment and taking it home. On top of that, Ganas allegedly put a GPS tracker on the car without disclosing that fact to this consumer in a Spanish-language writing for him to read, and did so despite negotiating the sale in Spanish. If a deal is negotiated in Spanish, the contracts for the car need to be translated into Spanish. This consumer spoke to a Spanish-speaking attorney at the Auto Fraud Legal Center and now is seeking relief against Ganas.