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Car trouble: Auto lenders not letting customers return leased cars amid coronavirus crisis

San Diego Couple Runs Into a Dead End With Used Car Dealer, Karz Plus

NBC 7 Responds gets couple refund on the used car they bought that broke down after the second day. Man purchases used 2013 white Chevy Sonic for $9,000 at Karz Plus in National City, only to have it break down two days after the purchase. Full story here:

“San Diego judge has ordered a local car dealer to buy back more than 1,500 cars after the dealer was accused of manipulating contracts after car buyers signed the paperwork.”

Ruling Goes Against Auto Dealers

Los Angeles Daily Journal by: Ciaran McEvoy To review an article on this decision from the Los Angeles Daily Journal, click here.

Car Shopping on the Offensive: 8 Aggressive Buying Tactics

Beat the hard sell and turn the tables on the dealer. By: Tony Quiroga As posted on by

The Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission is issuing new rules for car dealers in an effort to crackdown of shady car dealer practices. If you have ever had a bad experience buying a car, your story can help the FTC write the strongest regulations. Stick up for fellow motor vehicle buyers by sharing your experiences by going to this link. If you’re a consumer advocate, urge the FTC to issue stronger car buyer protections on

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