Wesley v. Kia of Downtown Los Angeles

Ms. Wesley purchased a 2014 Dodge Dart based on Kia of Downtown’s representation the vehicle had never been in an accident and was still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. When Ms. Wesley tried to have repairs done under warranty, Dodge refused coverage because the vehicle had been in an accident. Kia of Downtown was out of business but that didn’t stop Rosner, Barry & Babbitt from taking the case and going after Dodge (FCA US, LLC), Kia of Downtown, the finance company (High Performance Capital, Inc.), and the dealership’s bond company, Westchester Fire Insurance Company. As part of a settlement, FCA US, LLC and High Performance Capital, Inc. refunded all of Ms. Wesley’s money, canceled the outstanding debt, and took back the vehicle.

The fact that a car dealership is out of business does not end your claim. Attorneys at Rosner, Barry & Babbitt routinely hold finance companies responsible for fraud committed by dealerships. If you think you were cheated by a dealership that is now out of business, contact Michael (michael@rbblawgroup.com) at the Auto Fraud Legal Center to see if we can help you.