Trujillo v. RSIDHU Auto Group Inc. dba Auto Empire II, et al

Our client purchased a used 2013 Nissan Sentra from Auto Empire II in Fresno, California. Prior to sale, our client asked to have the vehicle inspected by her own mechanic. Auto Empire II told her there was no need to have it inspected before purchase, and if she later found a problem she could return the vehicle within 2-days at no cost. When filling in the Retail Installment Sale Contract, Auto Empire II put down inaccurate information to make it appear our client gave the dealership more money than she actually paid, and made her sign a promissory note to pay the additional monies. The day after she purchased the vehicle, our client’s mechanic said it needed a new transmission and repairs would cost more than $4,000. When she tried to return the vehicle, the dealership refused to take it back. So she called the Auto Fraud Legal Center for help. We filed a lawsuit in Fresno County Superior Court, alleging Auto Empire II sold our client a “lemon,” committed fraud, and violated the Automobile Sales Finance Act. Auto Empire II agreed to repurchase the vehicle for a full refund and to pay our client’s attorneys’ fees and costs.

Do you think a dealership lied to you about the quality and condition of a vehicle? Did a dealership make you sign a promissory note to pay it monies not listed on the sales contract? If so, you may be entitled to cancel the sale and receive a refund. Call the Auto Fraud Legal Center for a FREE consultation and evaluation of your rights!