Steele v. M&M Cars, Trucks & Vans, Inc.

Our client purchased a used 2015 Ford F-150 from M&M Cars, Trucks, and Vans, Inc., in South El Monte, California. When he saw the Vehicle on the sales lot, a Buyer’s Guide that had a warranty was displayed. But M&M tricked our client into signing one that said As-Is. Within two weeks of sale, the truck needed a new engine. M&M refused to fix the truck. Our client turned to the Auto Fraud Legal Center for help. We filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleging that M&M sold our client a defective vehicle and breached the warranty when it refused to fix it. The case went to arbitration, and the Arbitrator from the American Arbitration Association ruled in favor of our client and found that M&M sold the truck with a warranty and breached the warranty when it refused to fix the truck. M&M was ordered to repurchase the truck, pay a $1,000 penalty, and our client’s attorneys’ fees and costs.