Pulliam v. HNL Automotive, Inc. & TD Auto Finance – Los Angeles County

We obtained a judgment against both HNL Automotive, Inc. (Hooman Nissan) and TD Auto Finance in 2018 and the Defendants appealed the award of attorney fees. Neither Defendant voluntarily paid the uncontested portions of the judgment—the obligation to refund our client’s money, with interest, and our litigation expenses. The Auto Fraud Legal Center went to work extracting our client’s money and the litigation expenses using the courts judgment enforcement tools. We are happy to report that TD Auto Finance has fully satisfied the uncontested portions of the judgment, including pre-judgment interest and post-judgment interest. The Court has now awarded our client an additional $48,000 against HNL Automotive, Inc. and TD Auto Finance for the attorney time and expenses incurred to force the Defendants to pay the judgment.