Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company – not so good, after all?

Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company in Stockton, CA, may be conducting a grand scheme to illegally repossess your vehicle and then pocket your downpayment! We have received phone calls about this dealership from multiple consumers with the same story: they bought a car from Paul Blanco’s Good Car Company, the dealership claimed they couldn’t find financing well after the sale, and then they repossessed the vehicle without returning the downpayment. This is fraud at its finest! A dealership has the right to cancel a sale if it can’t find financing within the first 10 days, but after those 10 days are over, that car is yours based on your original financing terms. Any attempt to change financing or cancel the sale after that 10-day period is likely evidence that the dealership is trying to cheat you. If you suspect you may be the victim of this type of fraud, ask for Serena D. Aisenman at 858-348-1005.