Palacios v. TrueFrame LLC – SETTLEMENT UPDATE

Ms. Palacios alleged she purchased a used 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC in reliance on a representation by TrueFrame LLC that the vehicle had only undergone “MINOR COSMETIC REPAIRS.” Following its alleged inspection of the vehicle, TrueFrame LLC made this representation to CARFAX for everyone to see. CARFAX even provides a link to TrueFrame LLC’s inspection report.
The stated purpose of TrueFrame is to allow dealers to better sell used cars with reported accidents and damage by providing customers with TrueFrame reports, which would, in theory, accurately represent the severity of the accident and the extent of any damage.
The problem, Ms. Palacios alleged, is that TrueFrame does not meaningfully inspect vehicles, does not properly train its representatives to identify accident damage, and does not even fully inspect the frame–despite calling itself TrueFrame. Auto Fraud Legal Center’s Auto Fraud Legal Center successfully represented Ms. Palacios in obtaining a settlement on her behalf.
If you purchased a vehicle in reliance on representations by TrueFrame, contact Auto Fraud Legal Center’s Auto Fraud Legal Center TODAY for a COMPLIMENTARY evaluation of your rights.