Leong v. Center Automotive Inc. dba Center Acura et al – Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles)
Our client alleged that when she bought a 2012 Mercedes CLS63 in November 2017, Center Acura listed the Mercedes’s mileage as 72,389 miles on the sales contract and DMV paperwork. However, DMV records show the Mercedes was reported in February 2017 as having 98,954 miles – 26,000 miles MORE than what was reported at the time of sale to our client. Because of the odometer discrepancy, our client alleged that she has a branded title and can’t get any dealer to take the Mercedes as a trade-in vehicle. After Rosner Barry & Babbitt took her case and sued, the dealer agreed to repurchase our client’s vehicle, provide her with a full refund, and pay her attorney’s fees! If you’ve been the victim of odometer fraud, please contact david@rbblawgroup.com for a FREE consultation!