OC Chief Auto

– A few months after purchasing their 2015 Toyota Prius Hatchback from OC Chief Auto in the City of Newport, in Orange County, our clients took the vehicle to a repair shop to get the air conditioner serviced. There, they were informed of the vehicle’s severe structural damage. Our clients were shocked to learn of the severe structural damage to their vehicle. They allege, at the time of purchase, they were told by the sales representative the vehicle had not been involved in any accidents and only had minor wear and tear. Our clients immediately contacted OC Chief Auto to see if OC Chief Auto could assist them with the necessary repairs. After multiple unsuccessful attempts of trying to reach an employee at OC Chief Auto, our clients allege OC Chief Auto accused them of having been in an accident and trying to get the dealership to pay for the repairs! If you have been cheated by OC Chief Auto, call us today so we can help you!