Nichols v. Infiniti of Mission Viejo

In March 2017, our client was looking to purchase a Certified Pre-Owned (“CPO”) Infiniti G37. After researching on-line, he found a 2013 Infiniti G37 advertised at Infiniti of Mission Viejo in the City of Mission Viejo, in the County of Orange. Being several hundred miles away from Infiniti of Mission Viejo our client wanted to be sure about the quality of the vehicle before going to the dealership. He alleges Infiniti of Mission Viejo told him the 2013 Infiniti G37 was “Certified” and was an “IPL edition,” which his research stated was the “top of the line.” Our client additionally alleges that Infiniti of Mission Viejo and Infiniti itself, actively market and advertise their CPO vehicles as being superior to non-certified vehicles because their CPO vehicles have passed a “a rigorous 167-point inspection” and that “Infiniti maintains exclusive requirements for certified pre-owned vehicles.” The client later learned that his 2013 Infiniti had not only sustained material and undisclosed damage, but was not really an IPL edition.

Were you misled by Infiniti of Mission Viejo or another dealership about the history of your vehicle or about prior accident damage? Do you believe you were sold a “certified” vehicle that was not truly certified by any automobile dealership? Were you misled by any automobile dealership about your Infiniti, Lexus, General Motors, Chrysler, Honda or any other car, SUV, truck, cross-over or other vehicle? If so, please contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your situation. Put our years of experience with car dealers, to work for you.