Montemayor v. AutoProz, Inc. and Wells Fargo Bank, National Association – San Diego County

Judgment entered against AutoProz, Inc. and Wells Fargo following years of arbitration. Under the Judgment, Wells Fargo is ordered to pay attorney fees, costs, and to rescind the purchase contract based on Wells Fargo’s status as a Holder of the purchase contract. In addition to rescission, attorney fees and costs, AutoProz was also ordered to pay punitive damages and comply with the following injunction:

AutoProz is ordered to reveal to every potential customer that the customer may have the vehicle inspected by the mechanic of their choice;
AutoProz is ordered to disclose to every potential customer all repair records regarding the vehicle, all inspection reports regarding the vehicle, any information obtained from any AutoProz inspection of the vehicle, and any CarFax, AutoCheck, NMVTIS, or any other vehicle history report in the possession of AutoProz;
AutoProz is ordered to implement policies, procedures, and training consistent with this injunction.
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