Miller, et al. v. PAC Auto Group, Inc., et al. – Overcharged Vehicle License Fees

In the case of Miller v. PAC Auto Group, Inc., Pacific Auto Center is alleged to have charged Mr. Miller $1,162 more than what were actually owed for vehicle license fees as part of Mr. Miller’s purchase of a used 2011 Dodge Ram 3500.

Vehicle license fees generally should not exceed .65 percent (.0065) of the cash price of the vehicle (see Line 1(A)(1) of the retail installment sale contract). (Rev. & Tax Code § 10752.) If a dealership overcharges vehicle license fees, it is required by law to give the consumer a refund. (Veh. Code § 11713.4.) For more information about license fees, be sure to check out the page in our Info C

If your car dealer overcharged you for vehicle license fees and failed to send you a refund for the overage, contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt, LLP’s Auto Fraud Legal Center for a COMPLIMENTARY evaluation of your rights.