Mentone Dealership Sold a Vehicle with Incorrect Miles and No Warranty

Our client purchased a 2012 Ford Focus from Mentone Auto Center, located in Mentone, in San Bernardino County. Before purchase, our client noticed a discrepancy between the mileage on the odometer and the mileage listed on the purchase contract. Mentone Auto Center allegedly told our client it was nothing to worry about and tried to explain that the vehicle had just been repossessed and that was the explanation for the discrepancy.

When our client wanted to pay off the vehicle, Mentone Auto Center allegedly refused to give an accounting of what was owed on the vehicle. Mentone Auto Center also repossessed the vehicle but allegedly did not comply with mandatory requirements for statutory notice of repossession.

Attorneys at Rosner, Barry & Babbitt were there to help. After evaluating our client’s claims and advising her of her rights, we filed a lawsuit in the San Bernardino Superior Court.

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