Mazzie Chevrolet Covered Up Accident Damage?

Our client purchased a 2019 Chevrolet Suburban from Mazzie Chevrolet in Solano County. When our client went to the dealership to check out the truck, he noticed a few dents and asked the dealership if it had ever been involved in an accident. Our client alleges the dealer told him it had never been involved in an accident.

After purchase, our client alleges the dealer promised to fix the dents but ended up repainting the truck. Even with the paint, the truck allegedly still shows tell tale signs of collision damage, including a frame that is out of manufacturer specifications.

Mazzie Chevrolet allegedly refused to acknowledge these signs of a motor vehicle accident and left our client with no one to turn to, so he contacted Auto Fraud Legal Center. We have filed a lawsuit in Solano County Superior Court, alleging Mazzie Chevrolet misrepresented the truck’s history and made false statements about the truck in response to a direct question from our client.

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