Litigation Update: Mentone Auto Center

Our case against Mentone Auto Center has settled!

Mann Auto Wholesale, Inc., doing business in San Bernardino County as Mentone Auto Center, financed the sale of a 2012 Ford Focus to our client. In California, if a dealer regularly finances vehicle purchases in-house (a buy-here-pay-here dealer), they are subject to specific rules. One of these rules is that the vehicle cannot be sold “as-is,” it must be accompanied by a minimum warranty.

Mentone Auto Center sold our client the 2012 Ford Focus “as-is,” and overcharged government fees. There was also a discrepancy with the odometer, which our client alleges was evidence of odometer fraud.

After filing a lawsuit in the San Bernardino Superior Court our firm was able to settle with Mentone Auto Center, recovering ALL our client’s money, as well as attorneys’ fees and costs.

If you purchased a vehicle from Mentone Auto Center and think you were taken advantage of, please contact for a free evaluation of your potential claims.