Litigation Update: Livermore Toyota

Our case against Livermore Toyota has settled!

Our client purchased a “new” 2018 Toyota Prius from Livermore Toyota, an Alameda County dealership. When our client brought the vehicle in for a tune-up, the service department informed him his vehicle’s odometer should have more mileage on it and that the vehicle had been previously serviced before his purchase. Furthermore, Carfax was showing an accident in the vehicle’s history.

Once Auto Fraud Legal Center filed a lawsuit in Alameda County Superior Court, Livermore Toyota claimed the VIN had been mistaken with another vehicle. Nonetheless, our client’s vehicle had an accident in its history, which significantly reduced its value.

Our firm was able to get our client reimbursed and his attorneys fees paid.

If you purchased a “new” vehicle that has damage or an incorrect odometer, contact for a free evaluation of your potential claims.