Litigation Update: Kia of Valencia

Our case against Kia of Valencia has settled!

Our client purchased a Certified Pre-Owned 2013 Kia Optima from Kia of Valencia, part of the Keyes family of dealerships, located in Valencia, in Los Angeles County.

A lot of time passed before our client became aware that vehicle history reports showed his vehicle was in a serious accident that caused frame damage prior to his purchase. That means Kia of Valencia certified the vehicle even though it had frame damage. It is illegal in California for a dealership to advertise or sell a vehicle as “certified” if it has sustained frame damage, even if it was repaired.

Our firm was able to get our client ALL his money returned and his attorneys fees paid.

If you purchased a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle and think it was involved in an accident before your purchase, contact for a free evaluation of your potential claims.