Litigation Update: Justice for a Trade-In

If you trade-in a vehicle as part of a new purchase, the dealer has 21 days to pay off the remaining balance on any auto loans associated with the trade-in vehicle. But that’s not what happened to our client at PCH Car Co. in San Diego County. Our client purchased a used truck from PCH and traded in her old car as part of the deal. The dealer never paid off her trade-in vehicle, so she was forced to continue paying for a vehicle that she didn’t have anymore! We helped this client work out a deal with the bank that owned the loan for the trade-in vehicle. After seeing our client’s sales paperwork, which show the trade-in vehicle was clearly part of the sale, and after speaking with the dealership the bank agreed to forgive the remaining loan balance in exchange for the trade-in vehicle. Fortunately, our client was able to regain possession of the trade-in vehicle to arrange for one final trade. If you traded-in a vehicle during a car sale and the dealer never paid it off, call us at 858-348-1005 for a free consultation.