Litigation Update: Century City BMW

Our case against Century City BMW has settled!

Our client bought a Certified Pre-Owned 2016 BMW i3 Rex from Century City BMW, located in Los Angeles County. Believing he was purchasing a vehicle that was thoroughly inspected, reconditioned, and approved by a BMW inspection team of BMW trained technicians, our client did not expect the vehicle was ever involved in an accident. In fact, the dealer assured him the vehicle was never involved in an accident.

Our client later discovered that vehicle history reports, such as Carfax, showed the vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident before Century City BMW certified, advertised, and sold the vehicle to our client.

Our firm filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles County Superior Court and we were able to get our client more than what he had paid toward the vehicle. His attorneys fees and costs of suit were also paid.

If you purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle that was previously involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact for a free evaluation of your potential claims.