Litigation Update: Behle v. Williams Auto Mart

Our client bought a used Ford Explorer from Williams Auto Mart in Pacoima in Los Angeles County. Our client alleges that when she asked if the car had been in any accidents prior to purchasing the car, the dealership assured our client that it had not—even giving her a “clean” Carfax. After purchase, our client took her car to CarMax to get it appraised, where she learned the car had frame damage and repairs consistent with a prior accident. After filing a lawsuit, the attorneys at Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center were able to get all our client’s money back, the car off our client’s hands, and her attorney’s fees and costs covered.

If you’ve been sold a vehicle that has frame or structural damage, and that information was concealed from you at the time of sale, please contact  Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center will provide you a FREE evaluation of your rights.  We are here to help you!