Litigation Update: Another FCA Lemon

Another FCA case involving a lemon has settled!

Our client purchased a 2018 Jeep Renegade from My Jeep Chrysler Dodge, a Monterey County dealership. Shortly after purchase the vehicle had trouble accelerating and showed other signs of engine and transmission problems, like jerking and shaking. Plaintiff asked FCA to repurchase the vehicle and FCA refused. By the time our client reached out to our firm, FCA had changed its tune and offered to repurchase the vehicle. However, the terms of the repurchase, we allege, were a violation of law and unfair to our client.

After filing a lawsuit in the Monterey County Superior Court, the Auto Fraud Legal Center was able to get our client properly reimbursed and her attorneys fees paid.

If you just purchased a lemon that the manufacturer won’t buy back, contact for a free evaluation of your potential claims.