People are calling the Rosner, Barry and Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center because they feel their GMC Acadia is a lemon. We have found that the GMC Acadia suffers a number of problems including surging and stalling, cooling system overheating and/or leaks, loss of power or warning lights while driving, repeated dashboard warning displays, headlights not coming on and fuses burning out, “check engine” light problems, “service engine soon” light problems, consumed too much oil, suspension issues, engine misfiring and knocking, power steering problems, passenger seat airbag problems, problems with the transmission, traction control and stability control system problems, and “ABS brake warning light” problems.

Contact the Auto Fraud Legal Center for a free case review. We have been representing consumers in California for over thirty years.” At the end of your case, we demand that GM pay our attorney fees and costs. Contact Jeff Le Pere to address any potential lemon law claim or dealer misrepresentation claim you may have.