Is the Automatic Braking System in Your Toyota Causing Problems?

Many vehicles nowadays are equipped with an automatic braking system that is designed to decelerate the car when an obstacle nearby is in danger of being hit. This safety feature is supposed to bring peace of mind to the vehicle owner, who can feel safe knowing that their car is looking out for them. But that was not the case with one of our clients. She allegedly purchased a Toyota from Frontier Auto Sales in Los Angeles County and the automatic braking system has been activating itself when no obstacles are in sight. This is a known issue to both the dealership and Toyota corporate. The vehicle has also shown problems with the radio, stereo system, and navigation pane. This car is a lemon, yet neither the dealership nor Toyota’s corporate offices will cancel the sale and refund our client’s money. Are you feeling helpless because you were sold a lemon? If so, give us a call at 858-348-1005. We have extensive experience protecting consumers from shady car dealers, and we can help you, too.