Is Keyes European Selling Defective Vehicles as Certified?

We recently filed a lawsuit against Keyes European in Los Angeles County alleging the dealership cheated our client by selling a damaged vehicle as “certified” pre-owned (CPO). When a vehicle is certified, that means that it has been through a detailed inspection process to show that the vehicle is in good working order. Many of Keyes European’s vehicles are certified through the Mercedes-Benz certification program, which requires a 165-point inspection of the vehicle before the car is eligible to be certified.

Our client alleges he purchased a certified Mercedes-Benz S550V that turned out to have extensive collision damage. He expected to purchase a reliable vehicle, and instead he is stuck with a car that he does not feel safe in. If this sounds like a familiar story, please send an email to describing what happened to you. We have been representing consumers in California for over thirty years and we are here to help you seek justice!