Ingram v. BMW of Murrieta



In August 2018, our client, a member of the United States military, alleges she went to BMW of Murrieta, in Riverside California, seeking to purchase a reliable car for her personal use. She was greeted by BMW of Murrieta’s salesperson “Skip.” She informed Skip that she was pre-approved for a loan from Navy Federal and had been shopping for a car recently at CarMax. During her visit to BMW of Murrieta, Skip showed her a used 2016 BMW X1 SAV which BMW of Murrieta was offering for sale. When she asked about the apparent high mileage on the BMW X1, the salesperson simply replied that Californians drive a lot. Our client alleges Skip never told her the 2016 X1 had been a prior rental car. In fact, she alleges she BMW of Murrieta’s “Used Vehicle Disclosure” form stated “Other Rental Vehicle – “N/A.” Our client also alleges that during the sales presentation, Skip proceeded to tell her in detail why vehicles sold by BMW of Murrieta were better than those at being sold at CarMax. She alleges that she was told all vehicles sold by BMW of Murrieta were “certified,” because unlike CarMax, BMW of Murrieta’s vehicles go through thorough inspections and the 2016 X1 had gone through a multi-point inspection. However, she alleges no certified checklist and no inspection checklists were provided to her. Within a day or two of buying the 2016 BMW X1 SAV, she discovered that the air conditioning was still non-operational and had to go into the shop for over 14 days for repairs. Our client alleges she became suspicious of BMW of Murrieta’s representations regarding its inspection of the X1 and that when she asked BMW of Murrieta to provide her copies of the inspection reports the dealership was unable to provide them. She also alleges she was shocked to learn that the BMW X1 had been used as a rental car.

She hired Rosner, Barry and Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center to enforce her rights. If you believe BMW of Murrieta, or any other dealership mislead you during the sale of your car, truck, pick-up truck, SUV or van about vehicle certification, inspections or history, please contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your situation. Let us put over 30 years of experience with car dealers, to work for you.