Illegal Lemon Law Buyback?

Our client purchased a 2020 Land Rover Evoque from Land Rover San Diego. Within four months, the vehicle allegedly started making strange noises and had problems with the engine revving when the vehicle would come to a stop. The manufacturer eventually offered to repurchase the vehicle, but our client alleges the offer, coupled with a stringent settlement agreement, violates California law. Not only does the offer put restrictions on the condition of the vehicle and insist it be returned in “first class condition,” our client alleges the offset is wildly miscalculated.

Our client contacted Auto Fraud Legal Center, before entering into the allegedly onerous agreement and now we are fighting to get our client back every penny he is entitled to.

If your vehicle is experiencing a manufacturer defect and you are not getting any help, contact the Auto Fraud Legal Center for a FREE evaluation of your claim.