On June 14, 2021, our client purchased a used 2009 GMC Yukon from USA Auto Dealer Inc. in Manteca, in San Joaquin County. Our client alleges prior to purchasing, she informed USA Auto Dealer she only wanted to purchase a very reliable vehicle. USA Auto Dealer Inc. offered her the 2009 GMC Yukon and assured her that the Vehicle was very reliable and had been inspected by Dealer.

Our client agreed to pay a total of $6,5000 as a down payment on the Chevy Tahoe. She paid $5,000 cash, plus was to receive a credit of $1,500 for her trade-in. Our client alleges, that without her authorization or approval, USA Auto Dealer charged her debit/credit cards 3 times from June 14, 2021, to June 15, 2021. No refund of any portion of these charges was refunded by Dealer. She also alleges no Buyers Guide was affixed to the Vehicle when offered for sale by the Dealer.

On June 14, 2021, our client hand-signed and initialed hard copies of the sales paperwork for the 2009 Yukon at the Dealer’s lot. No electronic signing occurred. Additionally, she paid USA Auto Dealer $2,300 for a Service Contract.

Our client has never received a registration for the GMC Yukon’s license plates or tags. In early November 2021, the GMC broke down. When Claimant went to have the 2009 GMC Yukon repaired under the Service Contract, she was informed her Service Contract was not in effect because the Dealer never paid Gold Standard Automotive Network.

Our client alleges she later discovered that the copy of the contract her lender had received showed an all cash down payment of $6,500, with no mention of her trade-in or the amount she was to be paid for it; and no mention of the Service Agreement for which she was charged $2,300. Furthermore, this second contact was signed by electronic means. Our client alleges she was not even the County of San Joaquin on the date of the second electronic contact, and she never electronically signed any document with USA Auto Dealer.

If you were taken advantage of and misled by USA Auto Dealer, Inc., in Manteca, or any other motor vehicle dealer concerning anything about your purchase including the down payment, warranty, or the mechanical or body condition of a car, truck, pick-up truck, or SUV which you purchased or leased, please contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your situation. Let us put over 30 years of experience with car dealers, to work for you.