When you begin to sense that your car maybe a lemon, it never hurts for you to pick up the phone and call the manufacturer’s Customer Service Department and demand a buyback. You should be aware that more often than not, you will not be speaking to an employee of Ford, General Motors, FCA or even Mercedes-Benz. Chances are your manufacturer has contracted out its response to a third party. The two main companies that manufactures use are called Morely and Sedgwick

The Lemon Law Department at the Auto Fraud Legal Center can use the response (or lack of response) to help you down the road. For example, in Beeler-Salcido v. Ford Motor Company, Riverside County Case No. CVRI 2200177, our client made a buyback demand, but the Morely representative miscalculated our client’s buyback numbers, and then refused to correct it. We filed our action in January 2022, and continue to press our client’s case.

The Lemon Law Department at the Auto Fraud Legal Center is here to help you. It all starts with a free case review. The attorneys in our Lemon Law Department will review your repair history to determine how we can best assist you. If we accept your case, we will ask the manufacturer to pay any attorney fees and costs that are incurred on your behalf. We have been representing consumers in California for over thirty years. Contact Jeff Le Pere to address any potential lemon law claim or dealer misrepresentation claim you may have. jeff@rbblawgroup.com