Gonzalez v Putnam Lexus, Inc.


In December 2015, our client went to Putnam Lexus in the city of Redwood, in San Mateo County, looking for a new vehicle. He alleges that the Putman salesperson led him to what he described as a “new” 2015 Lexus IS 350. Our client saw this “new” car had almost 700 miles on it and asked the Putnam Lexus salesperson why it had so many miles. The Putnam Lexus salesperson allegedly informed him that it was simply because it was used as a dealer “demo” car. Our client alleges that despite Putnam Lexus’ legal obligation, no written disclosure was provided to him regarding the use of the 2015 Lexus IS 350 as a dealer demonstrator.

Moreover, during the signing of the sales documents, our client further alleges that Putnam’s finance manager remarked that the 2015 Lexus had been stolen, but had been recovered by Putnam Lexus. Our client also alleges that at no time did anyone at Putnam Lexus inform him that the 2015 Lexus had sustained accident damage of any kind and that no Carfax report was provided to him on the IS 350. Based on the all the representations by Putnam Lexus, our client decided to lease the 2015 Lexus. Despite the having almost 700 miles on it and being used as a dealer demonstrator, Putnam Lexus represented the 2015 Lexus IS 350 both verbally, and on the face of the lease, to be a new vehicle.

Our client came to the law firm of Rosner, Barry & Babbitt, LLP seeing help. Our law office filed a complaint in the San Mateo Superior Court against Putnam Lexus. In addition to the above misrepresentations, our lawsuit alleges that he learned a Carfax report stated that, approximately 2 months prior to his lease of the IS 350, it was in an accident where the air bags deployed. The Carfax report also stated the 2015 Lexus sustained damage to both the front and rear. Our lawsuit further alleges that Putnam Lexus, in violation of its legal requirement, failed to disclose material damage known to have been sustained and subsequently repaired, and/or not repaired, on the 2015 IS 350. The Auto Fraud Legal Center’s lawsuit has demanded that Putnam Lexus buy back the 2015 Lexus, refund our client’s money and payoff the balance of the of the lease on the IS 350.

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