Gonzales v Los Compadres Auto Sales


In February 2018 our client purchased a used 2010 GMC Acadia from Los Compadres Auto Sales in Riverside. Our client told the dealership she knew nothing about cars and was looking for a safe vehicle for transporting her 3 children. When test driving the 2010 GMC Acadia she told the dealership she felt a hesitation in the shifting. Our client alleges she was told by both the owner of Los Compadres and the sales person that there was nothing wrong with the GMC and that if anything went wrong, it would be promptly and properly repaired. Shortly after purchasing the Acadia and while on the freeway and driving her children to school, our client experienced acceleration problems with the Vehicle requiring her to pull off to the side of the road. Our client took the GMC Acadia in for repair Los Compadres Auto Sales and was told it would be fixed. She was also told that she needed to sign a new sales contract which would lower her loan payments. (It did not. It actually raised her payments.) The transmission was not repaired at all and our client alleged that additional defects appeared, on her 2010 GMC Acadia, such as the check engine light coming on. To make a long story short our client alleges she has had the SUV in for repairs over 10 times (and in violation of California law) seldom received repair paperwork). After coming to the law firm of Rosner, Barry & Babbitt, additional problems with the sale by Los Compadres Auto Sales were uncovered, such as an undisclosed deferred down payment. Additionally, as a Buy-Here-Pay-Here dealer, Los Compadres did not provide the required warranty or fair market value information to our client. The Auto Fraud Legal Center has filed a lawsuit to have Los Compadres return our client’s money, pay off her loan, and pay her attorney’s fees.

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