In March 2020 our clients purchased a 2017 Lexus RX from Golden Auto Group, Inc., in Corona in Riverside County. Our clients allege Golden Auto Group, Inc., represented the 2017 Lexus had 27,332 miles on it and was in “Like New” condition. Around March 2021, the Lexus RX developed a problem with its one of its on-board systems. Our clients brought the vehicle to an authorized Lexus repair facility. Our clients allege based on time and mileage the 2017 Lexus was entitled to Lexus warranty coverage. They also allege, despite the fact the registration was not branded, and their lender stated there was no branded title, the Lexus repair facility refused to repair our clients’ 2017 RX, claiming it had “salvage title.” Our clients called 2 other Lexus repair facilities, and each claimed its records showed salvage title.
Our clients allege after hearing Lexus’ claims, they obtained information the 2017 Lexus RX had been in 2 accidents and suffered frame damage prior to their purchase. Our clients allege Golden Auto Group, Inc. failed to disclose the accidents and frame damage to the 2017 Lexus RX and misrepresented the true miles on the Lexus RX. Our clients also allege on the sale contract were not the true miles for the Lexus. Our clients also allege Golden Auto Group, Inc. of Corona overcharged our clients for DMV license fees and kept their money.
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