Fake Rebates at Huntington Beach Ford?

One of our clients recently visited Huntington Beach Ford in Orange County to purchase a new truck. He alleges he was promised two post-purchase rebates that were not honored by the dealership. Our client works as a first responder, a dangerous and honorable position helping people in crisis. He was told by a salesman that he would be rewarded for this noble work with a $2,000 rebate, to be applied after purchase. But instead of rewarding our client for his service, the dealership cheated him when it never applied the promised rebate. The salesman allegedly offered an additional $9,000 rebate to convince our client to purchase the vehicle immediately, which was also never applied.

Do you think Huntington Beach Ford lied to you or offered you a rebate that was not honored? If so, contact Serena D. Aisenman at serena@rbblawgroup.com.