Eccles v Toyota Carlsbad


Plaintiff went to Toyota Carlsbad looking to purchase a used vehicle. Plaintiff told the Toyota Carlsbad salesperson he wanted a reliable vehicle that had been checked for problems beforehand, and had not been in any prior accidents. Toyota Carlsbad is located in the City of Carlsbad, county of San Diego. Plaintiff also told Toyota Carlsbad’s salesperson that he wanted a vehicle with a reliable air conditioning system, as the air conditioning system in Plaintiff’s current car had been a problem. Plaintiff was directed to a used 2009 Toyota Camry which the dealership was selling and received assurances that it was a reliable vehicle which had undergone a thorough multi-point inspection. Toyota Carlsbad also told our client that the air conditioning system was like-new. A few months later, our client alleges that he discovered these facts were not true. The air conditioning system stopped working, for which he received a $1,800 repair quote. Our client also alleges that he discovered signs of what appears to be pre-existing accident damage and has received information that the mileage on the odometer was incorrect. Not only that, but once he came to the Auto Fraud Legal Center for help, we discovered that he had been overcharged for his vehicle license fees. We have filed a lawsuit on our client’s behalf alleging Toyota Carlsbad misrepresented a number of facts during the sale process, including: misrepresenting the vehicle’s true mileage; representing that the 2009 Toyota Camry had not been involved in any prior accidents; misrepresenting that the air conditioning system in the vehicle had been restored to like new condition, misrepresenting that the 2009 Toyota Camry had only had one prior owner, and over-charging for the license fee on the sale contract.

If you purchased a used Toyota or any car, truck or SUV from Toyota Carlsbad, and the mileage on the vehicle was incorrect, or other misrepresentations were made during the sale, or you were a victim of fraud, please contact Rosner, Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center will provide you with a FREE evaluation of your situation. We have over 30 years of experience helping consumers.