Dubbs & Williams v. Frontline Motor Cars

Most contracts to purchase a vehicle in California give a dealership the right to cancel a sale up to 10-days after you take the vehicle home. However, if the dealership wants to cancel a contract more than 10 days after it was signed, for example because the dealership cannot obtain financing, the consumer must agree to cancel or re-write the contract. Otherwise, the consumer can enforce the contract because the dealership’s window to cancel closed.

Frontline Motor Cars, in Midway City, California, tried to cancel the sale of our clients’ vehicle more than ten-days after the sale. When our clients informed Frontline Motor Cars that they knew it could no longer cancel the contract without their permission, the dealership came and took the vehicle. The Auto Fraud Legal Center filed a lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court, alleging that Frontline Motor Car illegally repossessed the vehicle. Frontline Motor Cars agreed to refund all the money our clients had paid it for the vehicle, additional money for repairs and upgrades to the vehicle, and to pay their attorney’s fees and costs.