Don’t’ be fooled by Price. Even a Luxury Car Like a Bentley Can Have Hidden Problems

Car dealership Prestige Auto Sports, Inc., in North Hollywood, has been sued for selling a Bentley with hidden accident damage, broken motor mounts, bad breaks, a bad transmission pan gasket, a broken rear spoiler, bad sensors, the list goes on. Plaintiff alleges Prestige Auto Sports lied and said the car had never been in an accident, but it was. Prestige Auto Sports sold the car with a warranty, and Plaintiff alleges it did not fix the car when she brought it back and told them about the problems. This buyer didn’t sit on her rights. She contacted the Auto Fraud Legal Center, got a free consultation, and then filed a lawsuit against this dealership and the bank she makes her car payments to. She didn’t let herself get ripped off. She’s bringing the fight.