After buying a used car, people often feel that they may have paid too much. Well there’s a way to find out. Did you know that California law requires dealers to sell cars at the price advertised on the Internet or any other place – even if you don’t know about the ad? This is found at Vehicle Code § 11713.1(e).

Rosner, Barry and Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center is currently fighting for our clients in a case called Pankowski v. Prime Motors, Inc., et al. LASC Case No. BC646567. The dealership, Prime Auto, advertised the minivan on the Internet for $8,995, but sold it to our clients for $9,995.

It is good practice both before and after you buy a used car, to go back and look at the dealer’s website to see if they had advertised the car for a lower price, and then print or save the ad.

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