Did You Buy a New Porsche from Walnut Creek Porsche?

If so, your “new” car might not be so new, after all. Our client alleges Walnut Creek Porsche in Contra Costa County sold him a new Porsche and then he later found out that it was actually used as a demonstrator vehicle for six months prior to the purchase. A demo vehicle is used for many purposes, including test drives, personal use by dealership employees, and as a service vehicle or loaner for existing customers. In California, a dealer is not allowed to sell a demo car as “new” because of its clear prior use. But that may be exactly what Walnut Creek Porsche did to our client. Porsche headquarters confirmed that the vehicle’s warranty was triggered six months prior to the sale, suggesting prior use. If you suspect your new car isn’t actually new, call us at 858-348-1005.