Dealership Lies to Buyer to Install a GPS Tracker on his Car.

St. George Auto Group, in Norco, allegedly tried to scam a young man by having him sign a second contract for the down payment on the car. The consumer alleges St. George Auto Group originally wanted $3,500 as a down payment, and then a few weeks later asked him to pay a second down payment of $500. The consumer alleges the dealership even had him sign a contract that said he would be in default if he didn’t pay the $500. The consumer contends St. George Auto Group didn’t tell the bank about the second deal, and basically tried to have a “side deal” with the consumer that was against the law. On top of that, this young man is a Spanish speaker and alleges he never got any of his paperwork in Spanish, not even the illegal second contract. This young man felt something was wrong, so he called the Auto Fraud Legal Center, got a free consultation with a Spanish-speaking attorney, and he’s now suing this dealership to get his money back.