Dealer Knew the Car Had Problems, Sold it Anyway.

Before this consumer agreed to purchase his 2014 Toyota Sienna from Toyota Santa Monica, the dealership allegedly represented to him that the Vehicle had undergone and “passed a multi-point quality inspection” and had been “reconditioned by trained Certified Technicians.” Toyota Santa Monica made these alleged misrepresentations via the window sticker it placed on the Vehicle’s window before the consumer’s decision to purchase the Vehicle. Despite this “inspection,” Toyota Santa Monica never told him what was inspected and did not give him an inspection checklist. It seems there was a reason why. Within days of buying the car, the consumer noticed the car made noise when making sharp turns and the brakes vibrated at high speed. The consumer took the car to the dealership for repairs, and the dealership said the front right axle assembly was leaking and making noise when making sharp turns. The dealer purportedly fixed these problems, but the problems came back. The consumer took the car to a different dealer for repair, and this time the dealership said it was the driver side axle that was leaking oil and charged the consumer to fix it. The consumer got the service records for the car and found out that Toyota Santa Monica, less then two months before selling him the car, inspected the front axle and knew or should have known about the leaking axles. Despite this, Toyota Santa Monica said the car had passed a multi-point quality inspection. This consumer knew it was wrong to say a car had passed an inspection only to have so many problems so soon after buying it, so he called the Auto Fraud Legal Center, got a free consultation, and has now filed a lawsuit against the dealership!