Dealer Allegedly Bribes Consumer into Cosigning Before Forging Consumer’s Signature on Different Contract – Fregoso v. Brown Automotive, Inc., et al.

In the case of Fregoso v. Brown Automotive, Inc., Ms. Fregoso alleges Puente Hills Nissan bribed her into cosigning for an acquaintance and then forging her signature onto a new contract. She claims Puente Hills Nissan promised to help have her name taken off the contract six months after the transaction. Ms. Fregoso believed Puente Hills Nissan and signed as the “Co-Buyer” for her acquaintance’s purchase of a vehicle.
After more than six months passed, Puente Hills Nissan refused to assist Ms. Fregoso in having her name removed from the contract. Later, she allegedly discovered this was because Puente Hills Nissan forged her signature on a new contract, identifying her as the sole buyer on the contract for her acquaintance’s purchase of a vehicle.
Making matters worse, Ms. Fregoso’s acquaintance stopped making the monthly payments. Ms. Fregoso alleges, despite reporting to Exeter Finance that she never agreed to be the sole purchaser, Exeter Finance still repossessed the car, resulting in a repossession on her credit report.
This was not the first time we had heard these types of allegations against Puente Hills Nissan. If you had a similar experience with this dealership, or with another dealership owned or affiliated with Brown Automotive, Inc., contact Auto Fraud Legal Center’s Auto Fraud Legal Center for a COMPLIMENTARY evaluation of your rights.