Crabtree v. Galpin Motors, Inc. – Accident-Damaged, Defective “Certified Pre-Owned”

In the case of Crabtree v. Galpin Motors, Inc., et al., Galpin Ford is alleged to have sold Ms. Crabtree a 2016 “Certified Pre-Owned” Ford Escape. Like many consumers, Ms. Crabtree allegedly believed Ford’s “Certified Pre-Owned” stamp of approval meant the car had been thoroughly inspected, had not been in any accidents, and did not have any mechanical issues. After all, Ford claims on its website, “You can buy any used vehicle from anybody. Or you can buy a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle that has undergone a 172-point inspection…. The choice isn’t just easy, it’s a no-brainer.” (Emphasis added.) To Ms. Crabtree’s surprise, her “Certified Pre-Owned” vehicle had previously been involved in an accident before she purchased it. Making matters worse, in the span of just three months after her purchase, the vehicle was in the shop with mechanical problems for 43 days.

If you, too, purchased a “Certified Pre-Owned” car based on your understanding that it had been thoroughly inspected and had not been in any accidents, when in fact it had been in a prior wreck or suffers from mechanical problems, contact Auto Fraud Legal Center’s Auto Fraud Legal Center for a FREE evaluation of your rights.