CPO With Accident Damage

A dealership in Ontario, in San Bernardino County, sold our client a certified pre-owned (“CPO”) Nissan Frontier. Despite the car being certified, our client alleges the vehicle has missing screws, a replaced fender, misaligned lights, and paint overspray all over. Additionally, after purchasing the vehicle, our client found out the vehicle was a prior rental, which he alleges the dealership did not disclose. A dealership is obligated to disclose whether a vehicle was a prior rental, and our client would not have purchased the car if he knew it was a prior rental.
If you have purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealership and discover the car had previously been in an accident or was a rental which the dealership did not disclose to you, you may a case. Please contact tsolik@rbblawgruop.com for a FREE evaluation of your rights. The Auto Fraud Legal Center is here to help you!