CPO With Accident Damage

A dealership in Cerritos, in Los Angeles County, sold our client a certified pre-owned (“CPO”) Infiniti Q50. Our client alleges the dealership told her it had never been in any accidents. Despite the car being certified, our client alleges the vehicle started smelling like gasoline and then shut off on the freeway. After she took the vehicle to a different Infiniti dealership for service, she found out the vehicle had been in an accident, and that her repairs would not be covered under the CPO warranty because of the previous accident.
If you have purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle from a dealership and discover the car had previously been in an accident or was a rental which the dealership did not disclose to you, you may a case. Please contact tsolik@rbblawgruop.com for a FREE evaluation of your rights. The Auto Fraud Legal Center is here to help you!