“CERTIFIED” FORD SOLD WITH FRAME DAMAGE! Carman v. Wayne Gossett Ford Inc. dba Encinitas Ford – Encinitas (San Diego County)

Carman v. Wayne Gossett Ford Inc. dba Encinitas Ford – Encinitas (San Diego County)

Our client alleges she bought a 2013 Ford Edge that was advertised by Ford and Encinitas Ford as a “Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle” and was described to her as having no prior accidents or crashes.  A couple of years later, our client discovered that the “certified” vehicle had extensive prior accident damage including frame damage discovered by a CarMax appraiser. If you’ve been sold a “certified pre-owned” vehicle that has concealed accident damage, especially frame or structural damage, please contact david@rbblawgroup.com.  Rosner Barry & Babbitt’s Auto Fraud Legal Center will provide you a FREE evaluation of your rights.  We are here to help you!