Ceballos v. Lahham Automotive, Inc. dba Kia of Stockton, et al. – San Joaquin County

New auto fraud case filed over our client’s 2017 Honda Civic. Our client alleges the car she purchased from Kia of Stockton was reported as a total loss pre-sale, but Kia of Stockton did not disclose this to her at the time of the sale. She also alleges the dealership has failed to register the car to her since she purchased it in January 2022. Our client therefore alleges Kia of Stockton committed fraud by: (1) selling the car to her without disclosing it had been reported stolen; (2) making statements about the car, which were untrue or misleading; (3) representing the car had characteristics it did not have because Kia of Stockton did not have title to the car; (4) advertising the car without intent to sell it as advertised because Kia of Stockton either did not have or could not transfer title; (5) representing Kia of Stockton had the ability to transfer title to her in accordance with the purchase agreement when Kia of Stockton did not; and (6) representing it would transfer title and/or registration to the car as part of the sale and then failing to do so.