Can You Trust the Salesmen at Universal City Nissan?

Your parents may have taught you not to believe everything you hear, but that advice is particularly true when it comes to car dealers, and maybe even more so when it comes to Universal City Nissan in Los Angeles County. We are currently filing a lawsuit against this dealership because of allegations from a client that a salesman lied about a car’s features in order to make a sale. Our client required a truck that could be towed behind an RV with all wheels down, so that is what he asked for when he spoke to a salesman at Universal City Nissan. The salesman led him to a vehicle that supposedly fit the bill. Our client asked the salesman to call Nissan’s corporate office and ask if that vehicle could be towed with all wheels down, just to be sure. After disappearing for a moment, the salesman returned and confirmed that Nissan said the truck could be towed with all wheels down. After the purchase, he learned that was not true, and he was stuck with a vehicle that did not fit his needs. He had to trade it in at a significant loss after putting only 80 miles on the odometer.
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