In November 2017, our client purchased a used 2012 BMW 7 Series 750 from LA Bimmers in Glendale, in Los Angeles County. Our lawsuit alleges LA Bimmer’s salesperson represented that LA Bimmers only sold high-quality cars and that the 2012 BMW was the best car on the lot. Relying on LA Bimmers’ representations, our client purchased, the 2012 BMW 7 Series 750. La Bimmers also sold him a service contract for over $1,300. The 2012 BMW began to experience problems as soon as our client drove it from LA Bimmers’ lot to his home. A loud popping noise emanated from the engine bay, the BMW 750 shut off, and would not turn over. Our client took the Vehicle to BMW of Bakersfield for diagnosis. BMW of Bakersfield found metal fragments in the oil and recommended the engine be replaced. The estimate for replacing the engine was over $26,000. The service contact company refused to replace the engine claiming the damage was pre-existing. The Auto Fraud legal center has filed a lawsuit to have LA Bimmers buy-back the 2012 BMW 7 Series 750 and refund our client’s money.

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