Beware of Your New Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Did you recently by a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle from Biggs Harley-Davidson in San Diego County? One of our clients purchased a “new” Harley from Biggs Harley-Davidson only to immediately begin experiencing problems with the vehicle. She later found out that Biggs had performed extensive repairs on the defective motorcycle before selling it to her and hadn’t told her about any of it. Dealerships are required to disclose any material damage that has been repaired on a “new” vehicle prior to the sale so consumers can make an informed decision about whether they want to purchase it or not. We allege Biggs Harley-Davidson did not allow our client to make this choice when it forced a defective bike on her and lied about it. If you have been sold a defective Harley, or any other bike, call us today at 858-348-1005.