Beware of Unwanted “Extras” Added to Your Auto Sales Contract

There are a number of “extras” that a car dealership may try to sell you in addition to the vehicle itself. Those extras include service contracts or extended warranty plans, gap insurance, theft protection devices, surface protection products, and more. Some dealers can be very pushy with these products, and some might just add them to your contract without telling you. This is what may have happened to our client at Downtown Auto Center in Alameda County. Our client alleges she negotiated a deal for a car before visiting Downtown Auto Center, and then was sold a different car with a number of pre-installed “extras” and an unwanted service plan, without her knowledge. She alleges the dealer told her “that’s business” when she complained and refused to cancel or refund any of the extras. We’re here to tell you that’s NOT business, and you don’t have to be a silent victim of fraud. If you suspect something similar happened to you, call our offices at 858-348-1005.